Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not So Sunny Sunday Morning

Some scenes from our Sunday morning thus far:

BEAR 2528
(A knit bear that Missy is working on, waiting for legs, arms, and ears, resting comfortably on a pillow in our living room)

(Diffused light coming through the pink woodgrain curtain in our pink mudroom)

(Rain puddling in our gravel driveway...snowfall was predicted for today)

Not sure what we're up to today. CANOPY STUDIO, which is celebrating it's 7th year, is having an open house today at 2pm and we're planning on stopping by to see our friend Jo perform on the trapeze. If you're in the area and looking for something interesting (and FREE!) to do, stop by Canopy and check it out. Many of the beginning students will be performing and afterwards there's a chance to try out a trapeze bar or two and maybe share some birthday cake. Information can be found by clicking HERE. Other than that, the day is wide open. There will probably be some much needed vacuuming, organizing, and crafting. Maybe more shopping. I'd like to get a cupcake and at the newly open IKE & JANE..And hopefully, maybe, I'll actually post some stuff to my Etsy account tonight...


Anonymous said...

Hi Missy, this is Joan Crasten, I just received your cute little story books. I'm thinking of writing my own. I use to publish newsletters. I will leave feedback on etsy.
Watch my etsy shop: PaperGallery for any booklets I may write. Love your blogspot.


Church of Craft Athens said...

Hi Joan! I look forward to your books. Keep me updated, okay?