Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Magic Bunny

BUNNY 3087

The other day we bought OREO some pink-colored bedding for her "home". I think all the other bunny owners in Athens had the same idea of decorating with festive "easter colors", since we snatched up the very last bag of pink shred. Last week there was tons of it at the local pet store...

BUNNY 3088

BUNNY 3097

We let Oreo out for her daily fun and exercise time on the patio. She ate from Missy's lap and played with the new carrot toy that LAURA & MARK - Oreo's god parents - got for her. Even though it's now a daily occurrence, I still get a kick out of watching Oreo sit on Missy's lap...

BUNNY 3101

BUNNY 3104

BUNNY 3106

BUNNY 3109

BUNNY 3110

BUNNY 3113

BUNNY 3114

BUNNY 3117

BUNNY 3129

BUNNY 3143

BUNNY 3147

BUNNY 3161

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