Saturday, March 21, 2009

Everything Is Everything

SCORE 2845

Yesterday, Missy and I got out of work early and headed over to IKE & JANE (our favorite new local eatery) for a late lunch. Next door to the bakery used to be this cool little scooter shop called RE-CYCLE. They had since moved to another location and for the past couple of months, we saw a new boutique going into this space, teasing us with all this cool vintage furniture displayed in their front window. Well, before going into Ike & Jane, we decided to peek in the window of this new shop. We were surprised to find that the shop was actually open! On their mailbox was this piece of paper with the words EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING on it - I'm assuming it's the name of the new shop. Turns out that they've just been open for the past three weeks, but the freak snowstorm put a damper on their grand opening. Anyways, to our hope and delight, me and Missy were able to find some really cool stuff in there. I ended up getting this vintage mid-century modern RECORD PLAYER STAND for only $30! I was so stoked too, because I've been searching everywhere for something exactly like this, and here it was in near-perfect condition, for a steal. The guy that sold it to me was happy to hear that I was going to use it in the way that it was intended for.

Missy ended up getting a pair of these vintage MUSHROOM-SHAPED glass containers, also at a bargain price. Turns out that she had been wanting something like these glass jars to build TERRARIUMS in. Who knew? Everything Is Everything was certainly living up to it's name. I also found this little plastic carrying case for cassettes. It's a fiery red and holds up to six tapes. If you know anything about me, then you know that I collect vintage cassette carrying this was another great find that I could add to my growing collection:

SCORE 2847

SCORE 2927

So yeah...if you're in town - NORMALTOWN that is - then head on over to Everything Is Everything and check 'em out. It's the shop with the huge MOD TARGET painted next to their door, can't miss it. Also, honorable mention goes to FRITZIE, the furry green dog COIN BANK that I found in Atlanta a couple of weeks back. We found him in the basement of this antique shop that had all these individual stalls full of junk, antiques, and collectibles. He had a slip of paper tucked into the top of his head that said "My name is FRITZIE. I am a coin bank". He totally looks like he stepped out of an old HANNA-BARBERA cartoon. I guess they were giveaways from some local Atlanta bank, back in the day, because the opening on the bottom has the logo for a Fulton National Bank. Anyways, he's already filled a quarter of the way with wayward coins and he currently sits on the stack of aforementioned cassette tape carrying cases in the SUPER DORM:

SCORE 2893

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