Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hit The Spot

PRNTS 3001

Missy's parents came down from Pittsburgh this Saturday and they'll be staying with us for the next week. We drove out to the brand new SUPER TARGET out in Winder to buy Easter stuff and stock up on supplies:

PRNTS 3004

On the way home we stopped at our local pizzeria, TRANSMETROPOLITAN, for dinner. While waiting for our pie we all geeked out over the chunky pewter fixtures in their bathroom sinks:

PRNTS 3007

We marveled over the photograph hanging above our was this great image of seventies-era children who looked like they were headed out to recess or possibly got let out of school for summer vacation. Dig the high-waisted striped pants:

PRNTS 3010

Our pizza finally arrived and Missy's dad served up the slices. We ate until we could stand it no's to hoping that we don't suffer with heartburn through the night...

PRNTS 3012

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