Friday, November 28, 2008

Home Again

THNX 0834
(Harry, the family cat, taking advantage of the warm spot left on Joe's bed)

Thanksgiving morning we headed outside into the cold, wanting to take photos in the quickly melting snow. Missy decided to dress up her HAPPY HARBOR Blythe doll (A.K.A. ISOBEL CREAMPUFF) in a warm bunny suit and take some glamour shots in and around her house:

THNX 0832

THNX 0837

The front of the Kulik homestead, which belies the actual size of the house, much like the tip of an iceberg:

THNX 0836

A couple of painted gourd birdhouses up in a tree...Missy painted one to look like Pinocchio:

THNX 0843

THNX 0849

THNX 0846

THNX 0848

Isobel Creampuff posing on the picnic table in the backyard, overlooking a woody gorge:

THNX 0839

THNX 0840

THNX 0841

After a morning spent in the cold, Missy and Isobel settled in for a nap:

THNX 0852

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