Friday, November 28, 2008

Feeling The Power

THNX 0790
(hand dryer, Gaffney, South Carolina)

It's now post-thanksgiving and we're stuffed. Don't know how or why, but it's well past midnight now and Missy and I are on the interbot. Wednesday, we took a thirteen-hour drive up to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Athens, Georgia. The weather was gorgeous and made for a perfect road trip...

...we saw the giant peach-shaped water tower while passing through Gaffney, South Carolina. From certain angles, the water tower looks more like a giant ass than a giant peach:

THNX 0794

We stopped at a FRIENDLY'S restaurant in Huntersville, North Carolina, for breakfast. I started to obsess over this really funky-bad Photoshop job on this little advertisement for their snowman ice cream dessert thing:

THNX 0799

THNX 0800

THNX 0796

THNX 0795

We went through a couple of tunnels to get to West Virginia before winding up at the TAMARACK welcome center, which boasts "The Best of West Virginia"...

THNX 0802

THNX 0805

THNX 0808

THNX 0809

THNX 0810

Missy posing in the children's play area:

THNX 0812

THNX 0813

THNX 0814

"I like turtles"...

THNX 0817

THNX 0819

After 13 hours of driving we ended our trek by adding on a couple more hours of (virtual) driving playing SUPER MARIO CART on the Wii, along with Missy's brother JOE and other people from around the world, via the on-line gaming mode:

THNX 0829


Glue&Glitter said...

omg that snowman ad is fantatsical! I love that they decided to make that kid's head so gigantic. Nice choice.


I know! I couldn't get over how ridiculous it looked...and I couldn't stop looking at it, thinking about how I, with my limited Photoshop skills, could have probably done a way better job. On the other hand, I've already spent so much time talking about it that one could argue that the ad was a veritable success...