Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

THNX 1401
(yummilicious veggie stuffing, glorious green bean casserole, mouth-watering Grit gravy, and mind-melting mashed potatoes hot off our stove last Thanksgiving)

Well, Missy and I are leaving for Pittsburgh, PA in like, 4 or 5 hours. It's midnight right now, and dammit, I should be sleeping. We've got a long 13 hour-long roadtrip ahead of us. We'll be in Pennsylvania to visit Missy's family and to see her brother's new house. We also plan on seeing the 55th CARNEGIE INTERNATIONAL art exhibition, titled "Life On Mars", at Carnegie-Mellon University...the awesomely wonderful BARRY McGEE is part of the exhibition and I've been dying to finally see his work in person for the longest time now. I'm sooooo excited about this opportunity, you don't even know. Of course, no visit to Pittsburgh would be complete without a visit to the ANDY WARHOL MUSEUM, so we'll probably stop there too, time and weather permitting. And if I'm really lucky, Missy will take me for a ride on the INCLINE. We'll see. We won't be back until next week, so you probably won't be hearing from us again until then. I'm sure we'll have lots of photos and stories to share. Until then, please enjoy the early "Nilla post" below and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Eat till ya pass out!

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