Monday, November 24, 2008

Handmade For The Holidays

ZAA 0695

Saturday was the big CRAFTSTRAVAGANZAA craft sale downtown. We got to the parking lot behind the 40 Watt at around 8am and it was FREEZING cold. My fingers were frozen numb from unloading the car. I ended up forgetting to bring a few important items to the sale (namely, our wire shelving system) and had we been in Atlanta or out of state, we would have been totally screwed. Luckily, we only live a couple of minutes away from downtown and I was able to run home and grab our missing items. Other than that little hiccup, and the fact that the first two and last two hours of the sale were unbearably cold, the day went really well! We met a lot of nice people, saw a lot of friends, and sold a ton of stuff. And, we got to debut a bunch of new Tofu Baby merchandise!

ZAA 0696

ZAA 0697

ZAA 0698

ZAA 0699

ZAA 0700

ZAA 0701

ZAA 0702

ZAA 0703

We sold all but one of the small Tofu Baby plush:

ZAA 0704

ZAA 0706

ZAA 0707

ZAA 0708

ZAA 0709

ZAA 0710

ZAA 0711

ZAA 0712

ZAA 0713

ZAA 0714

ZAA 0715

ZAA 0716

ZAA 0719

ZAA 0721

ZAA 0722

ZAA 0723

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