Thursday, April 24, 2008

Really Really Weird - The Simple Carnival


A little while ago, Missy did some e.p. and album artwork for the band THE SIMPLE CARNIVAL...well, JEFF BOLLER, the one-man genius behind all that sunny pop goodness, just informed us that there is now a fab new MUSIC VIDEO for his song, "REALLY REALLY WEIRD" above to see it in all it's lo-fi cuteness! The video uses a couple of drawings that Missy did for the "ME AND MY ARROW" e.p. and up-coming "GIRLS, ALIENS, FOOD" full-length (a couple of aliens and their spacecraft, to be exact)...if you're a fan of bands like JELLYFISH, THE WONDERMINTS, HARRY NILSSON, or THE BEACH BOYS, then you'll definitely love THE SIMPLE CARNIVAL. If you like what you see or hear, then please give jeff a holler...he'll appreciate it! Check out the band at

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