Friday, April 18, 2008


Ok, it was only a matter of time before the haters started posting on our blog. And of course, they waited until we were out of the country...We've only been at this blogging thing for a month really, and already, the ubiquitous "Anonymous" has something "clever" to say. I responded to the hater in one of the comments sections and thought that I should re-post my response for everyone else to see (Big ups to Eric Boogiepop for getting our back! Thanks, dude!):

"hmmmm...I don't even know if it's worth my time to address you. So I'll just address everyone this one and only time. Anyone with any sense or two pennies in their pocket knows why people hate on other people...mostly, it's because they are jealous of what others have going on in their lives, especially when they don't have much going on in their own; or, they feel a total lack of self-worth and/or self-confidence; or, they feel like the world has somehow short-changed them in some way and they feel that "life isn't fair"; or, they suffer from some sort of inferiority complex and they pump themselves up by bullying other people...anyways, these people vent their frustrations by projecting their self-hatred and anger towards something or someone else that seems like an easy doing so through the internet in an anonymous fashion also shows that they are not only haters and bullies, but also cowards...

It's interesting that some people feel so strongly and negatively about what we do and how we think that they feel that it's their duty to write in and tell us in an effort to somehow hurt our feelings. Our feelings aren't hurt - both Missy and I have had to deal with haters for quite some time now - it just comes with the territory. Our standard response to haterism is like, "whatever"...we're actually pretty blasé about it. Instead of having hurt feelings, we just feel very sorry that some people's lives are such that all they can do is waste their time and energy writing hateful things to our blog or some other public forum in an effort to discredit us, make us look bad, make us angry, or make us sad. Instead, they should just use those resources to make their own lives better and more enjoyable. Most of the time, I tend to think that most haters are just plain lazy - instead of using whatever energy they do have to make their own lives cool and whatnot, they'd rather spend their down time hating on others...I mean, that must be easier to do that then to do something that requires effort, dedication, talent, hard work, etc...right? See, I wouldn't know exactly, because I'm not a hater...

Anyways, regardless of what anyone thinks, me and Missy are going to continue to do what we do best - have fun and find wonderment and awesomeness in the world around us. If that makes us "lame" in anyone's opinion, then so be it. That's just how we roll. And we're not about to apologize for being who we are. We love the skin we're in. So, maybe you haters out there should try having lives of your own and concentrate on making things happen for yourselves instead of concentrating on hating on ours. Because really - all this hating on us - it's not worth your time. Your opinion means very little to us. The only opinions that matter to us are those of our family and friends. Everthing else is just dirt on our shoulders - dirt that is easily shrugged off."

-R A O U L


emily august said...

Wow. That is so weird to me that someone would focus on you guys and try to bring you down. I don't see the point at all. I mean, I know I live far away, and maybe I am not aware of some sort of secret life you are leading, possibly running around the wilds of Athens and breaking the hearts of the general public. So, so weird to me that you of all people would get anonymous hate comments. What are you doing, other than having fun and being yourselves? That is sort of the most amazing thing in the world if you can pull it off.

Glad to see your response and the video made me laugh.

Keep cool, kids.


Yeah, it's an occupational hazard. But, really...whatever. No secret life...I mean, it's all pretty much how it happens in the blog. I think the hating started with Missy's weekly comic in the Flagpole, and has since spilled over into other things. Again, it's just a bunch of people (or maybe just one or two people) with nothing better to do except rag on us. It's all good, though.

TeenSleuth said...

All Pimps have their Haters ... it just comes with the territory. I recently dealt with some haterism myself.

Haters have a special purpose: they announce to everyone in earshot that you have arrived.

Holla, Pimps. I love reading about your awesome lives.