Thursday, April 24, 2008

China Day Three, Part I - Shanghai, Nanjing Road

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

CHINA 5371

CHINA 5376

Our first official day in Shanghai started off foggy. We headed down to the lower levels of the hotel to grab some breakfast - and to buy a map of Shanghai...

CHINA 5381

CHINA 5377

(Breakfast was good, but the fancy desserts looked better)

CHINA 5382

CHINA 5383

We ran into Maxine and Rachael in the lobby (Maxine is the owner and president of our company and Rachael is the manager of our Imports Department - she's also Maxine's daughter) and decided to split a cab to Shanghai's famed NANJING ROAD...

CHINA 5389

The cab dropped us off somewhere down the street from Nanjing Road (we thought and hoped), in front of this popular shopping mall called RAFFLES CITY:

CHINA 5403

(a funky mural outside of the mall)

CHINA 5404

(the scene across the street from Raffles City):

CHINA 5390

CHINA 5406

CHINA 5407

CHINA 5408

Me and Missy ducked into the mall, just so we could get our bearings...and to escape the beggars that had latched on to us. They were drawn to Missy's fair skin like moths to a flame. We saw a huge crowd of people as we entered the mall, and the sound of two squeaky voices over a PA system. Turns out that there was a radio show broadcasting live in the main entrance of Raffles City. We worked our way up to the next floor so we could look down on the stage:

CHINA 5398

Missy consulted her "research" - a list of shops she wanted to visit while in Shanghai. Amazingly, almost all the shops just happened to be in Raffles City! So we ended up spending a couple of hours window shopping and "shopping shopping" there...

CHINA 5396

At some point, we make our way down to the food court in the basement of the mall:

CHINA 5401

We saw this chinese version of the PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA sign, and were perplexed by the exclamation mark...we thought that something must've got lost/added in the translation:

CHINA 5402

We finally made our way back outside in search of Nanjing Road...along the way we saw this old european-style church nestled between the blocks of high-rise buildings:

CHINA 5409

We saw this really cool sculpture in front of this looked like it was made up of a bunch of giant ball bearings. A hotel security guard shooed us away when we tried to get closer to it:

CHINA 5411


Nanjing Road is a pedestrian-only the moment we saw that bicycles were not permitted past a certain point, we knew that we must be getting close:

CHINA 5412

CHINA 5413

Most of the hustle and bustle seemed to be going in a particular direction, so we went with the flow and followed it:

CHINA 5415

CHINA 5418

CHINA 5419

CHINA 5420

NANJING ROAD! We found it! The first thing we noticed were these cute little train-like tram cars zipping up and down the pedestrian mall...and then we noticed the view:

CHINA 5421

CHINA 5424

CHINA 5424

Missy and I decided to duck into this place called MR. GELATO to catch our breath...and to partake in some refreshing treats before exploring Nanjing Road in earnest...

CHINA 5422

CHINA 5423

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