Wednesday, April 30, 2008

China Day Three, Part III - Shanghai, Renmin Park

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

CHINA 5506

CHINA 5507

At one of the ends of Nanjing Road was an underpass that led to RENMIN PARK, a.k.a., THE PEOPLE'S PARK. We followed the crowd down and emerged at the outskirts of the park:

CHINA 5508

CHINA 5510

We saw this HUGE sculpture. It looked like 3-D graffiti...but it was probably some sort of chinese character:

CHINA 5512

CHINA 5514

We tried to take a photo in front of this Futurist/Cubist-looking statue, but there was too many people posing with it. An old Chinese man who was by himself asked us to take a picture of him with his camera...he didn't speak a word of english, but we understood that he needed our help...I should have took his picture instead of the statue...

CHINA 5515

We crossed the street to access a different part of the park...

CHINA 5522

We found this pretty garden...and then a little lake. A lot of people were hanging out around the lake - some were even fishing...

CHINA 5526

CHINA 5527

CHINA 5529

Wandering around, we managed to discover the Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Shanghai...since we had time to kill, we decided to go in and check out the exhibition they had for famous "Shoemaker To The Stars", SALVATORE FERRAGAMO...

CHINA 5593

CHINA 5534

CHINA 5535

CHINA 5536

CHINA 5539

CHINA 5547

CHINA 5552

One part of the exhibit had these cool little display rooms shaped like handbags and shoes...

CHINA 5553

CHINA 5554

CHINA 5556

We ran into a group tour and saw a bunch of people lounging on shoe-shaped chairs while the tour guide did her spiel:

CHINA 5559

CHINA 5560

They had a paint-splattered Ferragamo shoe that used to belong to ANDY WARHOL...

CHINA 5579

CHINA 5584

After stopping at the museum gift shop, we headed back out into the wilds of Renmin Park...

CHINA 5591

CHINA 5592

We found the children's area of the park, which was awesome! They had all these kiddie amusment park rides, including this crazy high-rise merry-go-round with funky monkey and monchichi motifs...

CHINA 5597

CHINA 5595

CHINA 5599

CHINA 5601

CHINA 5607

...they even had a little area where little kids could draw and cool is that?

CHINA 5602

Missy and I were drawn to a section of the park where a group of people were gathering across from a rocket ride...

CHINA 5610

CHINA 5611

CHINA 5617

Turns out they were gathered around this little pool and they were fishing for GOLDFISH! Everytime someone caught one (on a real hook!), they'd pull it off and place it in a bucket. It was a very different take on a popular midway-style game...

CHINA 5613

CHINA 5618

CHINA 5616

After consulting our map, we decided to head back down Nanjing Road on our way to visit THE BUND...on the way there we stopped in to another mall and Missy bought some clothes...the mall was set up so that if you wanted to make a credit card purchase, there was one desk per floor that handled credit card transactions for all the stores on that level...we had trouble at one desk, then had to move to the next floor, had trouble at THAT DESK, then had to move to another level...we kept riding the escalator until we found a desk that could process Missy's card...

CHINA 5622

(Missy chuckling at her misfortune while following the salesgirl who rang her up, from floor to floor)

CHINA 5623

We worked our way back up to the top floor of the mall so we could take these photos of Nanjing Road, out of a dirty window...

CHINA 5625

CHINA 5627

There were some discarded window display props near by and Missy chose to pose with an "M" (no "R" for me, boo)...


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