Friday, April 25, 2008

China Day Three, Part II - Shanghai, Nanjing Road

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

CHINA 5427

After taking a break, we proceeded to walk down Nanjing Road to take in the sights:

CHINA 5431

CHINA 5431

CHINA 5433

WTF! We especially loved the KEWPIE MAYONNAISE tram!:

CHINA 5434

CHINA 5435

CHINA 5436

CHINA 5440

There was a crazy dangerous scooter/bicycle/motorcycle crossing right next to the BAO DA XIANG SHOPPING FOR KIDS mall:

CHINA 5441

CHINA 5442

We ducked down into the basement of the Bao Da Xiang Shopping For Kids mall...down into the suffocating madness of the TOM'S WORLD about two seconds we decided that we weren't really feelin' it and headed back up to street level...

CHINA 5445

CHINA 5443

CHINA 5444

We passed by COMIC WORLD but unfortunately/fortunately they were closed...

CHINA 5446

CHINA 5451

CHINA 5453

WOW...more trams...

CHINA 5454

CHINA 5455

CHINA 5460

After traversing pretty much the entire length of Nanjing, Missy and I decided to take one of the trams back to the other end of the road. As we got into the last car of one of the trams, this lady started asking Missy for money...Missy, thinking that the lady was another beggar, ignored her. The lady was really persistent...and then I realized, "Missy, she's not begging for money...we have to pay to ride the tram!" We were so embarrassed and quickly coughed up a couple of RMB's...

CHINA 5461

We got the last seat in the last car and our seat faced backwards, so that we were looking out the very back of the tram as we made our way up Nanjing Road...

CHINA 5462

CHINA 5463

Some ticket touts hanging outside a mall...

CHINA 5464

CHINA 5466

CHINA 5475

CHINA 5477

CHINA 5481

...have no idea what this building is, but it looks pretty cool...

CHINA 5483

CHINA 5484

I don't know how we missed this blue guy the first time we walked down Nanjing...

CHINA 5487

CHINA 5488

This made me thirsty...

CHINA 5489

CHINA 5491

Yet another shopping mall...

CHINA 5499

A couple of Shanghai's finest holdin' down the law...

CHINA 5500

Not surprisingly, YAO MING was everywhere...

CHINA 5503

We decided to stop and get a snack before deciding where to go next. Missy and I found this bakery called BREAD TALK...Missy got some bread shaped like this Japanese cartoon character called ANPANMAN:

CHINA 5505

Afterwards, we consulted our map and decided to head over to RENMIN PARK (a.k.a. THE PEOPLE'S PARK)...

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