Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Breaking China



So, no blogging about China today...we've got to take a time-out to straighten up our life a bit. We're driven to distraction over how messy the house has become post-China and post-house guests...basically, we just need some precious time to laundry...UNPACK! And we really have not had any time to recover from our jet lag. Hopefully, we'll resume with "CHINA - DAY THREE" tomorrow night. If not, then definitely on friday. The big TWILIGHT CRITERIUM BICYCLE RACE is happening in downtown Athens this weekend and we don't want to miss, we want to attend the free TWILIGHT DELIRIUM show at the 40 Watt Club on Saturday night. This yearly show is hosted by the band JE SUIS FRANCE. It will also feature a performance by KINDERCORE band, THE BUDDY SYSTEM, which we are also looking forward to...the FLAGPOLE's own GORDON LAMB describes Saturday night's event best:

"A Decade of Decadence: Each year since 1998, the boys in Je Suis France have hosted an event named the “Twilight Delirium” which was basically an excuse to get really drunk, act a total fool and play obnoxious rock and roll. Well, not one thing has changed. Always scheduled to coincide with the weekend of the Twilight Criterium, this year’s Delirium will happen Saturday Apr. 26 at the 40 Watt and feature the aforementioned Je Suis France, new-ish locals The Buddy System and Knoxville, TN band Royal Bangs. Expect miles of old-school (well, if the ‘90s are old-school, that is) Athenians to be in attendance and, quite possibly, on stage. It’s always a total blast and is as close as you’re ever going to want to be to an actual frat party. And it’s Rohypnol free, too!"

It's a lot of fun...the bike race and the show...but, we can't allow ourselves such fun until we take care of business (before it takes care of us!) So until tomorrow, wish us luck...

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