Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yummy Babycakes

Making raspberry scones., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

So time has flown since Christmas, but I wanted to tell you all about the Babycakes cookbook that Raoul gave to me! It is gluten free, almost sugar free, and almost vegan baked goods. Babycakes, for those who do not know, is a bakery in NYC and LA. Now I have not been to the bakeries, but I can try my best to bake up their recipes at home!

Raspbery scones getting ready to bake.
So far I have tried the gingerbread, chocolate chip cookies, and raspberry scones. So far the house favorite is the raspberry scones. I made them again this past weekend with raspberries and blueberries. They were good, but I think I enjoyed the raspberry-only ones the most.

Yay for the scones we made cos they were very good and addicting. I plan to try all the recipes in this book cos they have all been great so far - like the plate says - "Yum!"

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