Friday, February 5, 2010

Extra Credit Crafts On Etsy

SNAP 8943

SNAP 8944

SNAP 8948

I'm finally getting around to posting EXTRA CREDIT CRAFTS stuff to my ETSY SHOP, just in time to hopefully capitalize on people looking for last-minute VALENTINE'S DAY gift ideas. I'll be adding more of my signature pouches this weekend, along with a variety of other crafty things. And, if all goes as planned, my Etsy shop will be the exclusive on-line source for my old cassette-only record label, POPGUN RECORDINGS. So, check out the shop if you're in the mood to do some window shopping or shopping shopping...both are totally welcome!

SNAP 8935

SNAP 8937

SNAP 8940

SNAP 9037

SNAP 9000

SNAP 9012

SNAP 9058

ZIP 8966

ZIP 9020

ZIP 9028

ZIP 9077

ZIP 9078

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