Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day

As some of you know, I collect Blythe. When it snows, they love to come outside and play, too. Here they made a snowman! This is Gretel making a Blythe-sized snowman.

Gretel and Harmonee make a snowman together.
Harmonee Melodie Petunia helped build this snowman, too. They used liriope berries for the eyes and nose. They turned the snow purple!

Making a snowman today!
Penelope came out looking like a snow bunny!

Gretel loves the snowman we made int he yard!
Let's make a snowman together!

I also had some help with my big snowman!

Snowball fight!

Lemon and Audrey in the snow.
Friday there was a snowball fight. Look out, Lemon! Audrey is gonna pummel you with her tiny snowball!

Lemon in the snow.
What a winter wonderland!


Anonymous said...

i love your blythe photos! yesterday, i found a shop in singapore that's supposed to be the "official" blythe reseller here, but it was closed. looking forward to checking out the store nxt wkend. i'm so tempted to start a tiny blythe collection too!

Church of Craft Athens said...

Let me know what the shop is like when you go! I would love to see it. You need to get Blythe! Yay! Then you can come to Blythe Con! You also should look at to inspire you more!