Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Days

My dad emailed me these photos he took of the snow they got in Pennsylvania this weekend. This one is looking up our street at home.

Here is our picnic table covered in snow.
Check out our picnic table covered on snow. It looks like a Twinkie!

Here is my house in Pennsylvania covered in snow!
This is our backyard covered in snow. I think they got about 21.5 inches this weekend. It makes me wish for snow.

Here is the trash can piled high!
Look at the trash can in the back yard - looks just like a marshmallow!


sweetie pie press said...

this is crazy. you know how much snow we have in toronto? none.

Church of Craft Athens said...

I thought you might have lots of snow up in Toronto! How funny. My family says they are going to get more tomorrow night or so, but there is no where to put it!

I have to say that I do miss snow. Call me crazy...