Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snofu Baby

SNO 9238
(theTOFU BABY drawing on the back window of Missy's silver VW Beetle)

Early in the afternoon on Friday, snow started to blanket our little Athens town, which is atypical for the South (thanks, Global Warming, for messing up the weather system). Missy, quickly used the opportunity to take photos of her BLYTHE DOLLS frolicking in the snow, not knowing if it would stick, let alone accumulate...

SNO 9223

SNO 9230

SNO 9233

SNO 9234

By Saturday morning, the storm had dumped four inches of fluffy snow (compare that to the 20+ inches of snow Missy's family got in Pittsburgh last week HERE!). Being the Pittsburgh-born-and-bred Northerner that she is, Missy couldn't wait to go outside onto our front yard and build a SNOWMAN. She started by rolling up huge balls of snow, KATAMARI-STYLE, picking up dead leaves and other yard debris along the way...

SNO 9249

SNO 9252

SNO 9260

SNO 9261

SNO 9265

SNO 9267

SNO 9275

SNO 9276

SNO 9281

SNO 9286

This is actually the first of several snowmen that Missy ended up building. This one fell down while we were outside talking to our neighbor, Ben. Undeterred, Missy built a brand new one in it's stead (see previous post) and even built a mini one for her Blythe Dolls (post forthcoming)...

SNO 9287

SNO 9289

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