Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oreo's Adoption Anniversary - Year One

Oreo., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Today it is one year ago since we found our favorite bunny, Oreo. It also happens to be Valentine's Day. You might want to go back and see how we found that bunny last year.

I love Oreo's look on this picture. It was nice last weekend, so she went out to play on our patio. She was so happy to jump and play that she did not want to come back inside when it was dark outside.

Oreo standing.
I love watching Oreo play. She does these jumps and wiggles in the air that are adorable. Sometimes she gets so excited, she runs really fast.

We are happy to say that Oreo is doing good after being with us for a year now! Happy Adoption Day, Oreo! We love you, bun! Now off to have some celebration carrot cake...!

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