Saturday, September 26, 2009


FOOD 6235

We got these STUFFERS from the grocery a little while ago and the other night we decided to finally try them. They're like these doughy buns filled with cheese and broccoli, with a light breading on the outside. They kinda look like fuzzy little potatoes. We baked a couple of them, grilled some asparagus, and steamed some little carrots. I made a little BIRD creature sitting in a nest made out of asparagus while Missy turned her stuffer into a TAMAGOTCHI. They taste pretty definitely have to eat them with something else I think because they're kinda rich and you need something to balance it out. If you're a vegetarian, it's something good to have on hand if you need something in a pinch...or if you're feeling too lazy to cook something more involved, or if you're feeling too lazy (or too broke) to go out to eat...

FOOD 6238

FOOD 6239

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