Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birthday Loot

So my birthday was last week and before i get too busy tonight, I thought I would tell you about some of my awesome birthday loot! First, Raoul sewed me some new POUCHES in two sizes - big and small. The big pouch is perfect for my ipod, lip gloss, and mirror - so I can find them all in one place! The other one is for my pencils, pens, and other assorted drawing supplies. I always need those!

Raoul found some more perfect gifts for me, too. MARTHA'S NEW CRAFT BOOK has some great crafts inside. I can't wait to start folding origami or making silhouettes to decorate the house! He also picked some good cookbooks, just in time for the gift-giving seasons ahead. FIELD GUIDE TO COOKIES and FIELD GUIDE TO CANDYy. They both have some really great recipes in them. Pfeffernusse, anyone?

Shirt and dress
My family sent me a goodie box for my birthday, too! Inside I found some rice, potatoes (!), a DRESS, and a TOP my mom sewed for me. Fabulous!

Totoro music box with acorns.
Raoul's family also sent me this cute TOTORO mini music box that has acorns! How cute is that?

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