Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hoot, Scoot, And Boogie

HOOT 6120

Saturday morning, Missy and I were determined to get back to IKEA, despite the sheets of rain and flooded freeways. We were determined to get the matching bookcase we had left behind last weekend, due to the limited space in my car. I don't know if you know this, but once you buy a new piece of furniture - especially a piece of furniture that makes your life easier and more enjoyable - it's kinda hard to stop. We were in love with our new BILLY bookcase and we wanted even more shelves, even more storage space for our newly re-minted CRAFT ROOM. The rain did not stop us, nor throngs of others for that matter, from making the pilgrimage...

HOOT 6123

HOOT 6121

HOOT 6124

HOOT 6125

HOOT 6126

HOOT 6127

HOOT 6129

We worked up quite an appetite at IKEA...afterwards, we headed out to Poncey-Highland and grabbed a bite to eat at SOUL VEGETARIAN before walking over to YOUNG BLOOD GALLERY, where we ended up buying some original art and prints by DETH P. SUN and PRETTY LITTLE THEIVES. Of course, a visit to Young Blood goes hand-in-hand with a visit to the ATLANTA CUPCAKE FACTORY, where we picked up a six-pack of scrumptiousness to go...

HOOT 6132

HOOT 6133

HOOT 6134

HOOT 6141

From Poncey-Highland, we headed out to LITTLE FIVE POINTS to do some record shopping at CRIMINAL RECORDS...the record store was full of buzz and excitement when we got there...and then I realized that we had *just* missed YO LA TENGO performing an in-store there. The saddest part is, I KNEW about this performance, but thought that it had already happened on friday. If we didn't spend so much time in Poncey-Highland (which is just around the corner from Little Five) we would've been at the record store right on time. We decided to console ourselves with some retail therapy, and ended up buying a bunch of new music...

HOOT 6137

HOOT 6135

HOOT 6136

We rushed back to Athens so that we could attend the third and last day of the KINDERCORE RECORDS / OWL SCOOTER's "HOOTENANNY" at the fabulous 40 WATT. Owl Scooters (run by Kindercore's head honcho, Ryan Lewis) was making their debut and they were celebrating by raffling off a couple of brand new scooters...we were feeling mighty lucky! We got to the club just in time to catch VENICE IS SINKING. The crowd was pretty decent-sized and we liked our chances. After Venice Is Sinking came THE YOUNG SINCLAIRS, sounding a bit like the Monkees at some parts, and like The Turtles in others...Missy practiced her pinball skills in-between acts...

HOOT 6147

HOOT 6155

HOOT 6156

By the time RUBY ISLE and a newly re-united I AM THE WORLD TRADE CENTER took the stage for a hi-NRG performance, the 40 Watt was completely packed and the odds of us winning a scooter went out the door. We couldn't help but make our way out of the suffocating and increasingly rowdy crowd, and settled with watching San Francisco's STILL FLYIN' from the back, near the merch table. From the stage, Ryan announced the winner of the ultra cute Owl Scooter, and needless to say, it wasn't us. Oh well. I took a photo of Missy posing with the scooter that coulda been and shoulda been ours...

HOOT 6158

HOOT 6161

HOOT 6165

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