Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh And O!

I made this letter O to be sent to BLUEBOTTLE GALLERY in Seattle. It is for a sign to spell out "plush you" for this year's PLUSH YOU! show. It looks like it is going to be a fabulous exhibit with lots of great plush artists, so if you are in Seattle, be sure to check it out October 9 and 10 at Schmancy, Nancy, and Fancy.

This is a little detail of the snake's face. I am learning embroidery, so I appliqued the eyes on using a sort of made up blanket stitch when I really meant to make it a split stitch.

Here is the snake all packed up and ready
My snake O got shipped yesterday! Here he is all curled up and ready for the post office.

In other news, I sent a bunch of new zines to NANCY in Seattle, ATOMIC BOOKS in Baltimore, and BIRD IN THE HAND in Australia! There's also a new shop that I sent to called BENTO in Pennsylvania, it is a cute shop so check it out, too!

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misako mimoko said...

i love this O! Can't wait to see some pics of this exhibition!! looks great