Sunday, September 6, 2009

Operation Cutify - Sky's The Limit

OP CUTE 5860

Saturday we began painting our CRAFT ROOM in earnest. We removed all the plates from around all the wall sockets and light switch and finally removed all the GLOW-IN-THE-DARK STARS left on the ceiling by the previous owners...

OP CUTE 5851

We decided to start with the ceiling first...WHITE SEMI-GLOSS PAINT is going to liven up our dingy ceiling and make the room feel bigger and fresher. Missy got up on the ladder and started to paint a foot wide band around the perimeter of our ceiling, where it might be hard for a roller to be exacting. When Missy got tired, I took over on ceiling duty while she started on the baseboards and the trim around the windows and door...

OP CUTE 5853

OP CUTE 5854

OP CUTE 5855

OP CUTE 5862

OP CUTE 5866

By 11pm we were totally beat. Painting makes your back and shoulder muscles sore, especially painting the ceiling. With most of the ceiling out of the way, and the first coat of paint drying on the trim, we're excited about finally putting more LAVENDER up on the walls, making the ugly blue paint job disappear for'll also be good to finally move all our junk back into the finished craft room, instead of having it clog up all the other parts of our house!

OP CUTE 5870

OP CUTE 5874

OP CUTE 5863

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