Friday, September 4, 2009

Pizza Party!

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The post title sounds way more exciting than it actually is...after a grueling week at work, we decided to kick-off the 3-day weekend with a bit of thrifting. We didn't end up finding much except for some old THE GAYLORD'S "LET'S HAVE A PIZZA PARTY" looks like a rockin' 60's record, but actually, it's more like "Let's Have A Spaghetti And Meatballs Party" than pizza...when I think "Pizza Party" I think of something "youthful"...instead, we're treated to old-timey Italian folk songs sung in Italian - the kind of music that wouldn't be too out of place in any of the GODFATHER movies. You know, something the aging mafioso in you would totally enjoy. But don't take my word for are a few thoughts from the liner notes:

"A pizza pie, a jug of Chianti wine, and The Gaylords beside me singing in the wilderness....When The Gaylords sing music to have a pizza party by, listen here, signore, they know what they're singing about. True, they didn't learn these endearing melodies along the canals of Venice. To be exact, they picked them up along the banks of the Detroit River. But these are the songs The Gaylords have heard and sung all their lives, from the time they were first spoon-fed some mashed pizza as little bambinos... are copies of the original articles: the songs from the old country, sung in the old country tongue and old country style to add a special flavor to your pizza - and your pizza party"

I also scored a couple of choice vintage 80's TWELVE INCH MAXI-SINGLES to add to my collection...a couple of remixes of YAZ's monster synthpop dance hit, "DON'T GO" (no one could belt one out like Alison Moyet) and PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED's "RISE", sheathed in the iconic PiL "generic" packaging. I was especially stoked to find "Rise", as it's easily one of my favorite PiL songs...even more so than "This Is Not A Love Song"...and it's among my list of favorite songs from growing up in the 80's. Ah, Memories. The repetitive refrain from "Rise" perfectly fit my mood for when this week finally ended - "I ain't got reserve energy, I ain't got reserve energy, I ain't got reserve energy, I ain't got reserve energy..."

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Dusty said...

Fun + cool!

Missy said...

I did not get anything at the vintage shop. Empty hands are sad hands.