Friday, September 18, 2009


So yesterday was my birthday! I had a pretty nice birthday. It was a little rainy in the morning, but by evening it was pouring! I can't complain too much cos our plants needed the rain, especially my blueberry bushes. I shared cupcakes at work, got some lovely cards, and later Raoul treated me to some yummy food at the Grit. We went shopping after that and returned home. We had one last cupcake "nightcap" and watched Project Runway to finish the night.

I got some mad loot - and thanks to everyone for the cards, well wishes, and pressies! Raoul got me Martha's newest craft book. I hope to try some of her projects, but they are really involved. I did not have some of the supplies on hand, and some of the crafts I have never done before (hello, marbled paper?) but they look like fun. We also liked these "field guide" books, so we have the Field Guide to Cookies and the Field Guide to Candy. I was surprised to see a recipe for mochi in the candy one! Plus these books give a history of the cookie or candy right before the recipe, and it also tells the best time of year to make the sweets, too! Terribly interesting stuff to me cos I love reading cookbooks for fun. My mom sent me a big box earlier in the week. She always is good about sending food - I think there was some rice, crackers, and a box of potatoes (!), along with some cute clothes and a two tops mom helped me sew, oh, and a card! Hooray! Raoul's family sent a lovely card and a Totoro music box, complete with acorns.

What a fabulous birthday!

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