Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sketchbook Sunday

I Can't Draw Book, originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

While I was cleaning up some stuff I found the I CAN'T DRAW Book. We purchased this book at YOUNG BLOOD GALLERY a while ago when they were still at the former location. This is a blank sketchbook made from a vintage book.

Inside of the I Can't Draw Book
It even has the library card inside, too, as well as some of the pages from the book.

My sketches.
Raoul and I pass the book back and forth and draw in it sometimes. I always have at least three or four different sketchbooks going (one for my comics, one for sketches, one for ideas, and so on) for different things. Sometimes they come in handy on long flights! Above is some of my drawings in the I Can't Draw Book.

Some of my drawings.
These little drawings are some characters I am working on. I am not sure if they will end up anywhere in particular, but some of them have!

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