Saturday, May 2, 2009

Craftstravaganzaa Extravaganza!

ZAA 3550
(A googly-eyed panda plaque I made with random crap laying around my bedroom...the panda came from a spent firecracker)

Hey Y'all!

Missy and I have been busy all night doing some last-minute crafts...we will be in downtown Athens, Georgia, participating in the huge, 2-day, ATHENS INDIE CRAFTSTRAVAGANZAA craft sale. We'll be on the corner of Pulaski and Clayton streets, behind the fabulous 40 WATT, along with 50+ other vendors selling handmade goods. The action starts this Saturday at 11am and ends at 7pm...then on Sunday, things start up again at noon and then go on until 5pm. Come on down if you can and check out one of the first big craft show of the season! It's totally free and totally fun. For more information, check out the Craftstravaganzaa website HERE!

ZAA 3562
(Missy spent most of Friday night glueing and stuffing bags with her laser-cut jewelry)

ZAA 3542
(I spilled a buncha googly eyes on my floor...they're kinda hard to pick up, especially after you've just cut your nails)


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