Friday, May 15, 2009

Venice Beach Freakshow

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Last sunday, walking along the boardwalk, back to my sister Cynthia's apartment in VENICE BEACH, CA, we happened upon the VENICE BEACH FREAKSHOW...the ticket taker announced loudly to the mostly disinterested passers-by, "Last show of the day! Last show of the day! Only three dollars!"...only three dollars? How could I resist? There was even a TWO-HEADED TURTLE by the curtains draped over the entrance, to help whet people's curious appetites...I paid the entrance fee while my Dad, Shawn, Julia and Evan patiently waited on the boardwalk and watched the free freakshow...

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The inside of the "freakshow", which was one very small and crowded room, reminded me of a super lo-fi version of all those RIPLEY BELIEVE IT OR NOT attractions you see at all the worst tourist traps. After a few minutes of perusing the various cheesy displays of pickled animal deformities floating in amber syrup and dubious skeletal remains of mythological creatures, the crowd and I were treated to a SWORD SWALLOWING demonstration by the dude who took our tickets...he licked his sword and announced, "Kids, don't try this at home!", before expertly sliding it down his throat:

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Seeing the sword swallower alone was well worth the three dollar admission, and considering that I passed up giving money to various other street performers we saw that day, it was the least I could do...

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