Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Allium blooms at our house., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Raoul forgot to mention that yesterday, May 5th, marked the two year anniversary of being in our lovely home, RANCHO COCOA! And the four year anniversary of Raoul visiting me! We love all the flowers we have popping up this time of year, so I will show you some of our photos. Above is allium that my mom gave me. It looks like a pompom! I love planting bulbs cos you can put them in the ground and forget about them until they bloom.

English Daisies.
I also planted some English daisies in the front yard, too. Not only do I have these pretty pale pink ones, but I have white and a deep ruby color, too. They are so cute.

White poppy
I also found some Icelandic poppies at the local nursery. I really love these flowers! I have orange and pink ones, too. The white one quite looks like a fried egg!

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