Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beatrix Potter, Eat Yr Heart Out

OREO 4181

OREO 4191

OREO 4189

Missy and OREO - a.k.a. the coolest bunny in the world. I STILL get a kick out of seeing Oreo eat from Missy's lap...

OREO 4213

OREO 4218

OREO 4226

OREO 4219


Anonymous said...

Darling (not Oreo), you look marvelous!!!


I think Oreo looks pretty marvelous too! Though, she is not wearing Smurf pants, like Missy is...

Anonymous said...

You can find hundreds of Sylvilagus floridanus, but you won't be able to find another marvelous girl like her! She looks good in red! Billy C. knows!