Sunday, May 31, 2009

Red Hot Ice

ICE 4280

Yesterday, Missy and I spent the whole day in ATLANTA on a shopping spree of sorts. First stop was at CENTENNIAL OLYMPIC PARK for I.C.E. ATLANTA's 2-day craft sale. We're usually one of the vendors at this twice-yearly sale, but were here this time lending our support as spectators and shoppers. It felt kinda weird, to say the least, to be on the "other side of the table"...a side that we seldom get to enjoy...

ICE 4248

We got to the park a little before the start of the event so that we could scoop up a couple of swag bags. We stood in line with a couple hundred of people also waiting to get theirs. There were about 500 swag bags and they were gone within an hour...

ICE 4249

ICE 4251

ICE 4252

The food tents set up at the entrance teased the queue with savory smells...

ICE 4253

Shannon of PATINA, one of the organizers of the INDIE CRAFT EXPERIENCE, gave Missy a little handmade PINWHEEL after we made it through the entrance. We made our way down the rows of vendors, looking at all the goodies. We both had a spending limit in mind, which we both subsequently blew...there was just too much good stuff to be had! I refrained from photography close-ups of people's booths...I was worried that most vendors would be a bit paranoid about people taking pictures of their booths in order to "steal ideas"...a very real plight as major companies (Urban Outfitters, Target, Walmart, etc.) have co-opted the "handmade look", and in many cases, have outright stolen designs from indie crafters...

ICE 4255

ICE 4265

ICE 4264
(CNN looming over the sun-kissed tents of I.C.E. Atlanta)

My first purchase of the day...a brand new guitar strap from Chicago's SOULDIER, who specializes in straps:

ICE 4257

We were pleasantly surprised to see Columbus, Ohio's WHOLLY CRAFT here, manning a booth of their own. Wholly Craft is a brick and mortar store in Columbus which features indie arts and crafts, including many of Missy's (and sometimes my own) creations. We stopped to say "hi!" and formally introduce ourselves...and of course to do a bit of shopping. They had some buttons Missy designed exclusively for SWEETIE PIE PRESS (bottom left). Yay! And we were instantly smitten with this cheeky pot holder...

ICE 4260

ICE 4261

We ran into the BATSEL SISTERS while shopping...Katy, who writes the wonderful BOTTLE ROCKET indiepop fanzine, and Hannah (a.k.a. M.C. SUGALOAF) who showcases her burgeoning talents on a blog called CHARACTER ZOO:

ICE 4263

We checked out the rest of Centennial Park after we were done shopping...Missy played around in the fountains and tried desperately not to get wet...

ICE 4256
(Missy is good at mimicking statues)

ICE 4266

ICE 4267

ICE 4268

ICE 4269

ICE 4270

ICE 4279 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Afterwards, we headed out to the PONCEY-HIGHLAND district for lunch and even more shopping (an area that Christy Petterson - one of the other organizers of I.C.E. - wrote all about in the most current issue of READYMADE MAGAZINE...check it out!). We hit up SOUL VEGETARIAN to escape the heat. Missy had a "fish" sandwich with baked potato slices (which, inexplicably, they called "Hebrew Skins") and I had a plate of BBQ tofu with brown rice and broccoli. By the time were were done eating we were way too full to even try their famous SOY BEAN ICE KREAM:

ICE 4302

ICE 4284

ICE 4283

We walked over to the YOUNG BLOOD GALLERY, where we did more shopping and looked at their current exhibit. We saw more of Missy's items in stock and on display...

ICE 4287

ICE 4290

ICE 4289

The exhibit they had on display was called SK8 OR DIE and it featured 100 SKATEBOARD DECKS decorated and re-constructed by 100 local artists:

ICE 4293

ICE 4292

ICE 4295

ICE 4294

After Young Blood, we trolled our way through several basement antique shops, looking for cool stuff. By the time we resurfaced and hit THE ATLANTA CUPCAKE FACTORY (a.k.a. THE BEST CUPCAKES IN ALL OF ATLANTA), we were more than ready to treat ourselves to some dessert. The chocolate cupcake Missy ended up getting was super rich and decadent...the perfect cherry-on-top to cap off a day of unfettered shopping...mmmmmmmmmmm!

ICE 4298

ICE 4299

ICE 4301


eric boogiepop said...

Hannah looks like Courtney in that picture. Not exactly, but for some reason, I just thought, "OMG, she looks like Courtney!" when I first saw that pic.

Also, I was wondering what both of you would put on a skateboard if you were approached for an exhibit like that.


Maybe it's the curlyish hair?

I would probably do something dumb like cover the entire underside of the deck with Hot Wheels, glue 'em on to the bottom of the deck so it looks like the board is riding on top of a buncha Hot Wheels. It would be could if you could actually skate a straight line on that.

Not sure what Missy would do...

Sweet Tooth Crafts said...

vegetarian soul food, awesome! I want it!
This looks like such fun adventures.
I have to know what your necklace is - it looks like a silver banner, is their something printed on it?


Thanks, Sweet Tooth!

Missy's necklace is made by our friend Laurel...It says something in french...I think "never forget"...anyways, you can check out Laurel's Etsy shop here:

Glue and Glitter said...

It was great to see you guys! I'm pretty jealous of your Soul Veg meal...that place is one of my favorites.

Church of Craft Athens said...

Eric - I would make the skate board into a long long Nilla and put ears coming off the top. It would be so cute.

Sweet Tooth - My charm is a little banner by Laurel Hill. She is soooo talented. I love it so. I also have a banner pin, too.

Becky - We had a nice time at ICE and seeing Super Cute was great, too. Such great things to be had! We had a big day out, so it was fun. We are learning more about the fun places in Atl. I used to go to Cleveland's Soul Veg, too!

Grace said...

That cupcake looks gooooood. :)

Church of Craft Athens said...

That cuppy was good! I had a sugar cookie cake cuppy with choco icing. talk about RICH!