Thursday, May 21, 2009

Occupational Hazards

WORK 3659

Working at a "BALLOON FACTORY" (a.k.a. burton + need balloons? Teddy bears? Floral supplies? Garfield mugs? Hit us up!) is a lot different from most jobs and can sometimes be a bit surreal, I suppose. Above was the view down the hallway one day the other week when we opened the door of the ART DEPARTMENT...two giant BALLOON ARCHES, which multiplied into four or five arches later in the day. Below is what we saw in the hallway earlier today, on our way to lunch:

WORK 4103

WORK 4104

We had an extra long meeting today, so Missy and I felt like we deserved to treat ourselves to lunch at the FOOD COURT at the nearby GEORGIA SQUARE MALL. We split a FOOT-LONG VEGGIE DELIGHT from the SUBWAY...

WORK 4136

WORK 4138

We got DILLY BARS from the D.Q. (a.k.a. DAIRY QUEEN) and afterwards, back at the office, Missy UPCYCLED her popsicle stick. She put GOOGLY EYES on it and gave it to me. I call him "STICKY"...he can be a puppet. Or I can use him as a bookmark. I used him to help keep my place on a list of things I was inputting into the computer...

WORK 4140

"Googly eyes is the new black"

You heard it here first, folks...

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