Friday, September 26, 2008

Ta Da! Tofu Baby.

Julie helped me make some clay Tofu Babies.

Tofu Baby in clay and one Nilla!
My friend Julie helped me make all these little Tofu Baby miniatures! Aren't they cute??? Some are little charms that I am going to make into cute necklaces. What do you think? This is before they were fired and in the "clay drying" stage. I am using all of Julie's pictures cos they are so fab!

Me and our clay Tofu Babies and one Nilla and one Molar (Julie's cat that Audrey made).
Here I am with the Tofu Babies. Oh, and we made one Nilla and one Molar. Audrey made Molar, Julie's family cat. Well, Molar is one and Skillet is the other. But that is a whole other story right there...!!

For those of you that might not know, Tofu Baby is a character I made up for my Flagpole comics. You can read about them at the Flagpole - and you can read the comments and letters people write, too.

Tofu Baby Army!

Tofu Baby Army!
And ta da! Here they are in all their tofu glory!! I think they look really good! I plan to take some more pictures of them very soon. Today was a little cloudy and now it is dark outside. But! Raoul should be home very soon. Yay!

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