Monday, September 22, 2008

Pumpkins, Pen Pals - Holla!

pumpkin button

pumpkin button
I am looking forward to October and autumn, so I had these little pumpkins made into one inch buttons thanks to Becky. I think they are the perfect accessory to get into the spirit (pun intended, haha) of Halloween! I know I will be sporting one in about a week! You can get some, too, just have a peek at Shop Sugar Cookie Etsy, or my very own personal website.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but Christopher and Tia mentioned my little Talking Birdie Notepads on their fabulous blog! They noticed these at my Etsy! Thanks guys! I love the blog post, too - it is on a subject dear to my heart, pen pals. When I was in high school, I used to have lots of pen pals. Really! I had about fifty or so on and off. Some of them I know to this day and many I have met in person. Some even now live in the same town as me! How funny is that? In fact, I just heard from Maryanne in New York (holla!) today! I love Maryanne!! She's the best. I also had many overseas pen pals, too, and I had the pleasure of meeting them as well (Alban and Nathalie and Katy - how do you say "holla" in French?). I made some really good friendships through my pen pals. Now I think back and wonder what did we write about so much??

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sweetie pie press said...

we need to be pen pals again.

speaking of which, i am working on another of those slow packages for you.