Saturday, September 20, 2008

All of Your Toys

Birdies Talking!
Cute notepads just in at my Etsy Shop! Cute notepads all around!

This is only one of four new designs I have added to Shop Sugar Cookie on Etsy, and soon I will add them to my website, too. These are four notepads I drew up, and the designs include Talking Birdies, Hello Ice Cream Cones, Hey Hi Banana, and Cupcakes. These are my most favorite ones yet (thanks, Dad!!) and they are all so pretty!

I sewed this little green bear this weekend.
I added this little fellow to my Etsy, too. He is a little green bear wearing flannel stripes! He is so cute! He also has vintage cat and doggie ribbon around his neck for an extra special touch.

I am just having a cup of tea this morning and Nilla is having a time watching squirrels chase each other in the front yard! Tails are in the air, people! I saw it myself.

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