Sunday, October 5, 2008

T-shirt Weather

It is finally October! It seems September simply flew by, don't you think? I mean, where did it really go? I have been very busy getting ready for next week's trip to Seattle, so I washed, folded, and put away almost all of my clothes. Check it out! I have so much room in my dresser now that Becky showed me the proper way to fold t-shirts. I know! What was I thinking? All these years I have been so lost - until now. Now I can fit two dressers worth of t-shirts into one. Oh, the possibilities!

Thank you, Becky.

Little Catsuit Pin that I made
I am so glad that the cooler weather has arrived! I do enjoy t-shirt weather, but I so much love the coolness of autumn! Finally! Summer is just too hot here and not my cup of tea. I got to wear a wooly sweater to work recently. Mind you they crank the AC, so I am usually in a wooly sweater or a blanket. Note the cute little Catsuit Pin I am wearing!

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