Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Roll Yummy

We made spring rolls!
I made us some yummy spring rolls as a fast lunch one day. They are so good and very easy to make. Here is how I made our spring rolls.

What you need:
rice paper wrappers
a pan of warm water to dip the wrapper in to make it soft
shredded carrots
baby rainbow chard cut into small strips
snap peas cut into small pieces
sesame seeds

First I got everything ready in little stations - the chard was in one bowl with the snap peas and carrots, the hummus was in another bowl, and so on. I made an assembly line. Next I softened the rice paper wrapper in a pan of warm water for a few seconds. Be careful! Some of mine tore open. Put the wrapper on a plate, then add some of the hummus, veggies, cilantro, and top off with some sesame seeds. Finally wrap up the spring roll as you would a burrito. Repeat this for however many spring rolls you would like. Place finished rolls on a plate and place in the fridge to set. After about 20 minutes, the spring rolls are ready to enjoy!

You can try soy sauce to dip the roll in, or try some hot sauce! Yum!

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