Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday: Bicycle

My Bicycle Button.
Last week's word for Illustration Friday was bicycle. I totally got busy with the usual weekly stuff and projects that I did not get to officially submit and post this until now. Here is my bicycle that I drew and made into a one inch pin back button!

Bicycle Button
It is fitting that I post it this weekend, cos this is the weekend for the Twilight Criterium bicycle races here in Athens. It is a fun event - we like to watch the cyclists round town, and it is always very busy! I would also like to give a shout out to my mom's place of employment, Aero Tech Designs, where she makes and sews gear for cyclists! She is a great seamstress! Very cool!

Since I can't find any of my Twilight bike race photos, I will just post some of my favorite photos that I took of bicycles!

bikes parked along the corner.
These are bikes in Shanghai, China. This is near the big walking street, I think it is called Nanjing Road. It is nice there because it is just made for walking, so everyone goes there to shop and walk. You do not have to worry about cars!

This is the bike hitch in Seattle, Washington. I thought it was cute design!

let's ride bikes
Here is the yummiest bicycle by far! This is a bread bike from ARené-Gérard de St-Ouen, a very cute bakery in Paris, France. All of the breads are made into adorable shapes! I had a bunny when I went.

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