Monday, May 30, 2011

Cloud Drawings - Bunny and Fawn

Last week we were lucky enough to see these clouds in the parking lot of our work. I had my camera, so I snapped pictures of these clouds before they changed. Clouds can change very quickly!

What do you see?

Cloud I saw in the parking lot at work.

Cloud Drawing - Bunny with Carrot
I saw a bunny and a carrot. This bunny reminds me of our bunny Jumbles. He is just like a cloud and his fur is so soft. He also enjoys a carrot every now and then!

Cloud I saw when leaving work.
What do you see?

Cloud Drawing - Fawn Sleeping in the Forest
We saw a fawn taking a nap in the forest. You can even see the forest around her in the clouds. She is in the perfect hiding place. Raoul said he saw it, too.

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