Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Clothes Horse: Mod Monday

My friend Jean and I decided to have a theme day for what we wore on Monday. Today's theme is Mod Monday. Jean writes Don't Mix the Colors blog, and is one snappy dresser! Here is what I wore yesterday.

Mod Monday outfit.
My dress is from the flea market in Paris, my bright pink tights are from Macy's, my shoes are Fluevog Fellowship Kathy.

My shoes.
I really love the print on this dress, and it is a fabulous polyester material. I mean, who does not love polyester? I love the navy color with my pink tights, too.

Bunny Charm.
Here is a close up of my bunny charm. It is by artist Sarah McNeil. I really like her work, and I know it is not totally mod, but I was going for size and shape, and I really like bunnies, so there.

Butterfly ring.
Lastly, here is my butterfly ring. Raoul gave me this ring when we visited Pittsburgh once. I think it came from a shop called Sugar. It is vintage bakelite. I wear this all the time.

So, you might ask where my pictures were taken - well, last night we went to see the Decemberists last night in Atlanta. It was a great show and we could have a seat and watch everything from our balcony seats! Here is some of the show. It was really good!

The Decemberists 0016

The Decemberists 0022

The Decemberists 0028

1 comment:

Jean said...

Your mod vibes deserve a gold star! I love the dress so much, the print is very lovely.
I was being a bit lazy so I haven't gotten around to posting mine yet, but I will definitely be doing that tomorrow!