Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jive Bunny

DUDE 6105

Last Easter, I really wanted to get this HIP HOP-INSPIRED CHOCOLATE RABBIT....DUDE DA' BUNNY. I didn't, and I kinda regretted it thinking, "surely, there will be some sort of uproar by the NAACP and these won't see the light of day again!" Lo and behold, they had these for sale post-Easter a couple of weeks ago, and I picked one up for really cheap. It's just so wrong/right on soooooo many different levels...I won't even get into it. I just wanted to buy it and hold on to it like a coveted action figure...

...the details on the packaging are awesome...Dude checking out the HOOCHIE BUNNY while talking on his cell phone...the "help Dude find his diamond-encrusted bling" game on the back...Dude dribbling a basketball while his friend (in a DOORAG) sports a jacket with the number 23 (Michael Jordan's number) on it...Dude and his entourage all looking slightly's like an ode to racial stereotypes that makes me think "hmmmm, I wonder what segment of the population they're trying to market this chocolate bunny to?" And is the actual chocolate bunny THROWING A GANG SIGN of some sort? EASTER REPRAZENT YO!

DUDE 6106

DUDE 6110

DUDE 6111

DUDE 6113

Now that it's getting warmer, I decided to finally break Dude down for sense in taking up valuable real estate in the fridge, just so I can get a chuckle now and then (I'm keeping the packaging, tho'...) Pour one out for my homie, Dude Da Bunny...

DUDE 6228

DUDE 6230

DUDE 6231

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