Monday, April 18, 2011

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Oreo and Jumbles 0025, originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Here are our two bunnies having fun yesterday during a very long playtime on our patio. They are getting more relaxed and used to each other, but sometimes Oreo's excitement for having a new friend gets in the way and she has to chase him for a bit. I had to break it up and remind her he is a good bun, and she should be nice to him.

Oreo and Jumbles 0016
They like to play and run through this paper bag tent we made. It is a Bun Run!

Oreo and Jumbles 0024

Jumbles 0012
Here are some more pictures I took of Jumbles. He is getting used to everything at home, and he is more confident when he is playing. Sometimes he just likes to sit like a loaf, but they were both pretty excited to play. The weather has been perfect for them lately - not too hot yet.

Jumbles 0007
Who can resist this face? I mean, look at his chubby cheeks! He is so sweet.

Jumbles 0006

Jumbles 0005

Jumbles 0010
We love Jumbles so much already! He is so soft, too. He is a good bunny!

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