Sunday, April 3, 2011

Missy On GLEE!


OK...not really. BUT, this pink mug that Missy designed for our company did appear in the VALENTINE'S DAY EPISODE of GLEE! In the episode, Blaine (I think that's the character's name? I confess, I'm not a GLEEK), who is in a cafe with Kurt, looks at Missy's mug and says something like, "Don't they have anything in here that DOESN'T have cute little hearts on it?"

Our friend and co-worker, Erin (who also does the LUXE + LACE blog) spotted the mug last week while she was on a work trip in China, passing the time away watching episodes of Glee uploaded to her iTouch. She emailed these screen shots to us soon afterwards. Her eagle-eyes spotted Missy's mug, along with some other items designed by our, the brown box Missy's mug sits on was designed by our friend and co-worker Libby (who painted the PORTRAIT OF NILLA), and then the row of black boxes with hearts were also designed by, yay Art Department!

Anyways, it was exciting to us...and it did lessen the blow of not winning the Fluevog contest last's nice to think that millions of eyeballs saw something that Missy designed, even if it was just for a second. If you watch the episode on HULU, you can see the mugs towards the beginning of the episode and then the close-up on Missy's mug is about 30 minutes can watch the episode HERE. And you can see the rest of the HOT HEARTS collection, designed by Missy and Libby, on our company website HERE.



Genevieve Gail said...

No way!!! Super cool!

Missy said...

Thanks, Gen! :)