Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Operation Cutify: Hall Of Lame To Hall Of Frames

OP CUTE 5015

OP CUTE 5887

OP CUTE 5961

So, we wanted to turn our drab hallway into a MINIATURE GALLERY. We wanted to have a place where we could display our collection of prints, photos, and objets d'art and we wanted to be able to easily re-arrange things on a whim. After the re-painting was done, Missy's parents built PICTURE RAILS with wood molding we got at Home Depot and installed them to one side of the hallway. To complete the "gallery look", we installed a TRACK LIGHTING system that we got at IKEA...

OP CUTE 5965

OP CUTE 5967

OP CUTE 5968

OP CUTE 5969

OP CUTE 5973

OP CUTE 5974

We tested the rails by placing a few items on them. The hallway is only about 75% done...we've got a lot of prints and photos that we need to get framed still. When the hallway is 100% done, we'll have framed artwork hanging on the walls as well as sitting on the picture rails...

OP CUTE 5979

OP CUTE 5980

OP CUTE 5983

OP CUTE 5984

We also finally hung up a couple of framed CONCERT POSTERS in our CRAFT ROOM. The ranch feels more and more like "home" with every piece of framed artwork or photo we're able to get up on the walls...

OP CUTE 5990

OP CUTE 5994

OP CUTE 5998

OP CUTE 5997

OP CUTE 5991

OP CUTE 5993

OP CUTE 5996

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