Monday, April 11, 2011

Operation Cutify - Let There Be Light

OP CUTE 5896

We came home from work today to discover that Missy's parents had installed the new lamp that we got from the awesome SCHOOLHOUSE ELECTRIC! Our dinning room feels so much bigger and prettier now that the UGLY TUPPERWARE BOWL LAMP we had hanging there is gone. Hallelujah (Thanks a ton, Rita and John!)

OP CUTE 5897

They even got a head start on our wonky HALLWAY, which we are attempting to make into a little ART GALLERY...hopefully, it ends up as cool as we're picturing it in our minds. We'll see. So far, they managed to take all the junk out of the hallway, scrub down all the walls, and begin priming with Killz...

OP CUTE 5887

OP CUTE 5888

We headed over to HOME DEPOT to stock up on painting supplies and to get planks of wood and molding that will made into D.I.Y. PICTURE SHELVES for the hallway...

OP CUTE 5904

OP CUTE 5911

OP CUTE 5912

OP CUTE 5913

OP CUTE 5914

OP CUTE 5915

OP CUTE 5920


julie. said...

wow, the light looks great!
They are like my parents -- when they visit, they always want some "jobs"/home imp. project/etc. to do around the house. Let's hear it for family that hates to be idle!


Hear, Hear!

They also put track lighting in our hallway! Post coming soon...