Saturday, April 9, 2011

Occupational Hazards 14 - I And I

WORK 5619

So, one of my jobs at work is to put together these COLOR CHARTS, showing the color trend predictions for the next year or so. You can research color trends on-line or you can subscribe to one of the many color and trend marketing companies who will sell you their marketing research. Anyways, we get these COLOR TREND PALETTES from one such company...they like to build their palettes around a certain "theme" and then name their colors accordingly...

WORK 5621

WORK 5618

One of the jewel-toned palettes was called REGGAE BRIGHTS. I was disappointed with some of the lame color names they came up, MARLEY GREEN...really? really? Dontcha think GANJA GREEN would've been a waaaaaay better name? GANJA GREEN - it rolls off the tongue. and it MAKES MORE SENSE. And what about RIFF GRAY...they couldn't come up with MARCUS GARVEY GRAY?

OK. Rant over.

WORK 5622

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