Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cake Boss

Marietta Diner 0077, originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Last week my parents were here for a visit. We got to go to a place called the Marietta Diner for lunch one day. Check out these cakes!

Marietta Diner 0078

Marietta Diner 0076
This one was for sure a crazy cake! Look at those jimmies! Some people call them sprinkles, but we call them jimmies.

Marietta Diner 0075

Marietta Diner 0073

Marietta Diner 0072
We tried the chocolate mouse cake that is in the back of the pasty case in this picture. It was really yummy! And cute, too.

Marietta Diner 0069
I had a veggie sandwich and fries.

Marietta Diner 0071
My mom had onion rings!

Marietta Diner 0070
And Dad had a turkey dinner! Just like Thanksgiving!


Kate said...

just gained 5 pounds after looking at those cakes! :D

Missy said...

Yeah! the cakes there are really amazing and so tall!