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How to Make Pompom Peeps

How to Make Pompom Peeps 0185
My mom and I made peeps similar to this when I was little. I think she got the idea from a magazine. They are really easy to make! Let's try it.

You will need:

How to Make Pompom Peeps 0166
pompom trim

How to Make Pompom Peeps 0167
tacky glue - I use Aleene's Tacky Glue

How to Make Pompom Peeps 169
bird seed

Some things not shown that you will need:

Here is what to do:
How to Make Pompom Peeps 0171
Cut the pompoms off the trim as shown. This is the head and body of the peep. Cut the connecting thread from the trim short for the beak, and a little longer for the legs. You will see why in the next step. I like to use some of the glue on the parts I cut. It helps the beak and legs from fraying. Let these pieces dry.

IMG_How to Make Pompom Peeps
Glue the head to the body as shown here. Position the beak facing forward. Position the legs facing down. Let dry.

How to Make Pompom Peeps 0175

How to Make Pompom Peeps 0174

How to Make Pompom Peeps 0177
Next, take a small bird seed in the tweezers. Place a small amount of glue on the seed and place on the pompom as shown here. Do this for each eye. I find that squeezing a little glue on a scrap paper helps me control how much glue is on the seed. I also like to try different size and colors of bird seed to vary the looks of the peeps. Let the peep dry completely.

Repeat these steps to make more peeps!

How to Make Pompom Peeps 0178
Hooray! You have made a peep!

I like to use the plastic eggs with these peeps. You can also place them inside the eggs, too, as a cute Easter surprise!

When my mom and I made these, we had better pompoms (this was in the 1980's!) and used a fatter pompom for the body, a smaller one for the head. I was unable to find any size other than small (shown in my photos). Our peeps were lots bigger than mine today! We also had small plastic eggs that they fit in perfectly. Another thing we had with ours were egg shells blown out and dyed, so the peeps could be displayed in the egg shell.

Hope you try this! It is a fun spring craft!

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